110 Hillcrest Close SW, Airdrie

Hours of operation: 5:00-10:30

Cyndie McOuat

837 West Chestermere Drive, Chestermere

Hours of operation: November 24 – December 21, 2020 6:00 pm

Charity support: Sistership Dragon Boat Society (Breast Cancer)

Ed and Barb

221 2 Ave NE, Airdrie

Lorraine Edwards

203 Church Ranches Way, Calgary

Hours of operation: Weekdays from 7-10,Weekends from 7-12

Charity support: Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

Grinch House

317 West Creek Blvd, Chestermere

Hours of operation: Animation everyday up to Christmas Eve 5:30-10:30

Amelia Cruickshank

397 Windermere Drive, Chestermere

K Miller

74 Besse Ave, Langdon

Hours of operation: 5-930

Charity support: Muscular dystrophy

Willow creek wonder

83 Willow Creek Crossing NW, Calgary

Hours of operation: Sundown until 10pm

Charity support: Dreams Take Flight

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