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We are Silvana and Christian, the creators of Lighten UP Calgary, living in the beautiful community of Deer Run SE, Calgary. We believe in the spirit of Christmas and our goal is to share the Christmas spirit with Calgary and surrounding communities. Each year, Calgarians and visitors take advantage of this amazing, free event, driving around and looking at beautiful, residential Christmas displays. Sponsoring Lighten UP Calgary.

Lighten Up Calgary has been a part of the City of Calgary for many years. Our famous Lighten UP Calgary Christmas Map has grown year over year, each showcasing amazing Christmas displays in and around Calgary. Each year much work and effort go into the installation of the Christmas displays to share cheer with the community. Many homeowners listed on our Lighten UP Calgary website also collect donations for numerous charities.

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Sponsoring Lighten UP Calgary – Become a Sponsor


With the rapid growth of Lighten UP Calgary in the past few years, operating costs are becoming difficult to manage.  Our hope is to have your support to keep Lighten UP Calgary growing and to continue to provide a free-of-charge Christmas experience for everyone.

At Lighten UP Calgary, we value each donation we receive from our partners. In return for your generous support, we will highlight your company as a valuable sponsor on our Lighten UP Calgary Website. This website receives over 400,000 page views during the Christmas season. We would also showcase your brand on a lawn sign or fence banner, feature your business on our social media platforms or include your company information in our Newsletters.

Lighten UP Calgary has been featured on the news every year, throughout various radio and tv stations, social media platforms and other websites.

With your financial support you would not only help us achieve our goals, but you would also give homeowners a platform to collect charitable donations for people in need!

Would you like to become a sponsor? Contact us today: 403-481-0547 or info@lightenupcalgary.ca

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Sponsoring Lighten UP Calgary

Christmas Lights Installation

True North Christmas Lights

We have our own brand of lights. 10 years of experience. Climbers and bucket trucks for big trees available.

Technology and Design

Xentas Inc.

Computer Services & Repair, Computer Lessons & Tutorials, Web Design & Hosting, Large Format Print Solutions

Law and Legal

Dukart Law Firm

Dukart Law Firm is here to make your big decisions as simple and none stressful as possible.

Health Care

Strive Physiotheray

We believe that during rehabilitation, you should be educated by your therapist in order to maintain optimal function and pain-free living long after our treatment ends. We successfully work with all types of injuries and with patients of any age.


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